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Nova Connect Conferencing Station

Nova Connect Conferencing Station

Need a laptop station that moves with you? The Tryten Conferencing Station is designed to go where you need to go, keeping your laptop hardware safe, secure, and easy to charge. Designed to fit all popular laptops, this laptop station will help improve clinic workflows and streamline the coordination of care in any hospital or healthcare setting. Great for unit rounding, team communication, situation monitoring, and patient care.

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Ergonomic Design

Whether you are seated or standing, you’ll be able to access your laptop and get doing what matters to you. Created with flexibility in mind, the Tryten Mobile Laptop Station to go where you want to go and where your teams need to be.

Tryten Nova Tryten Mobile Laptop Station

Cable Management System

Keep cables accessible, clean, and organized all day long. No more hunting down the power cord. Easily recharge throughout the day and store away when you are done without the hassle. An additional hospital-grade power cord is also available.

Modular and Adaptive

Add accessories such as the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker and security mount that seamlessly integrates into a hospital wing, in a busy clinic, or to access patient data anywhere that’s needed. Tryten creates custom, modular solutions for all your workflows, hospital o.r clinic settings. Talk to a customer sales representative to find out more

Tryten Tryten Mobile Laptop Station

Locking Casters and 4-Wheel Base

A perfect fit under hospital beds, the 4-wheel base and locking casters mean the Tryten Mobile Laptop Station stays put when it needs to but is ready to roll when you are.

OEM Capabilities

Create seamless technology that not only fits into your clinic or hospital but looks the part with custom branding and made-for-you design options.