Nova Connect

$1,580.00 MSRP

A mobile conference room on-the-go; set up telehealth calls where you need them. Using our patented small form-factor system, we can accommodate just about any teleconferencing equipment on one small cart, from cameras and monitors, to keyboards, mice, and even mounted computers, like the Intel Nuc.


Flexible Vesa Height


Vesa 75mm & 100mm


Securable Mount


Vesa Tilt


Concealed Cable Management


Modular Accessory System

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SKU: T2900

Patents pending

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Onsite Service

For your convenience, we are able to coordinate onsite service visits for Nova customers. These can be for cart maintenance, installation, alterations, or warranty repairs. If it is a warranty repair, we cover all costs. Service visits are based on technician availability, but generally are within two or three days.

Nova Connect Benefits


Vesa 75mm & 100mm

Our proprietary heavy-duty fluid-action support hinge supports up to 10 lbs. with 75mm and 100mm square Vesa patterns, and presents your device at just the right angle.


Vesa Tilt

The Nova Go Vesa supports up to 10 lbs and with fluid motion and no extra play, adjusts 90° to whatever angle is required.


Cable & Accessory Management

A hidden channel runs the length of the stand, functioning as a generous raceway for running and concealing power cables as well as attaching accessories.

Why Nova Connect?

Leverage the power of tablet-based telehealth with the most refined, premium, secure small cart system on the market.

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Vesa Mount

The Vesa Mount supports up to 10 lbs. with 75mm and 100mm square Vesa patterns, and with 90° fluid tilt, presents your device at just the right angle.

Mounting Pole

The Nova Connecct mounting pole is constructed with uncompromising structural grade aluminum to maximize its durability while maintaining the ease of use of a lightweight cart.

Concealed Cable Management

The Nova Connect provides for the optional addition of a Hospital Grade power extension cable and integrated power cord wrap bracket. An integrated and concealed cable management channel allows for discreet management of power and audio/video cables. A utility box is fastened with security screws and can house power cable receptacles or other components.

To enhance infection control and prevent hospital acquired infections, all surfaces are wipeable.

Add & Remove Accessories

A concealed but easily-accessible channel runs the length of the stand as a modular accessory system which provides unlimited attachment opportunities for standard of custom accessories.

The integrated aluminum ergonomic mobility handle provides effortless push/pull steering throughout hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.

Stable 4-Wheel Base

The patented 4-Wheel Tryten Base perfectly balances the need for stability with a small footprint. Complete with premium, whisper-quiet, non-marking, locking casters, the cart is ready to roll or stay in a locked position as you need.

Offset Monitor Arm

The intelligently designed vertical mounting pole is offset by just enough to balance heavier monitors over the center of the cart, helping to keep a small footprint and avoid unwanted tipping. At the same time, the offset monitor means that you can stand directly in front of the cart and maintain a pleasant viewing distance.

IEC 60601 & ADA

The Nova Connect complies with all the physical requirements of IEC 60601 and is fully ADA compliant.

All of our Nova Products are created under the quality management system guidelines of our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Nova Accessories

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Telehealth Applications




Electronic Health Records


Language Service Providers


Video Remote Interpreting


Remote Patient Monitoring


Transcription Services


Education & Entertainment


Physician Rounding

Five-Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Nova carts and accessories manufactured by Tryten include a 5-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Third-party accessories carry the manufacturer's warranty against defective merchandise. 

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Base Dimensions

19" x 14"




Powder Coated


32.50 lbs

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