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RYSE Community Center Gets Mac Mini Mounts From Tryten

RYSE in Richmond, California is an organization that grew out of the tragic deaths of four community young people. In discussions that took place afterward, the city of Richmond put "a lack of things to do" at the top of the list of problems that contributed to the rise in violence.

The RYSE center opened in 2008 after a concerted effort by the community to raise money and resources.

RYSE offers kids a safe place to hang out and engage in activities. However, they also teach job skills, help prepare resumes and provide other community services that are making a difference. Providing youth with the tools necessary to search for jobs and develop job skills requires open access to computers. Apple's Mac Minis were a good fit for equipment, but RYSE needed a secure way to mount them to workstations without limiting usability. Tryten Mac Mini Mounts were the perfect solution, and these were donated by Tryten to RYSE.