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Newly Expanded Computer Security Offerings from Tryten

The prevailing economic downturn and associated fiscal belt-tightening have left many corporations vulnerable to additional losses in the event of a theft in the workplace. In this all too common violation, the unexpected workplace disruption and employee down time compound the initial replacement expenses for stolen office hardware. Corporations with aggressive data protection systems discover the weak link in their security program. While each office environment requires unique security analysis, protecting your workplace from a costly theft can be approached in a practical and relatively inexpensive manner. Implementing a revised application of the following theft mitigation suggestions will provide your corporation with a solid return on investment.

1. Firstly, establish a program for securing the perimeter of the office both during work hours and after closing. This plan must take into consideration the building type, location and tenant mix. Document the key or access card control plan and limit the responsibilities of securing the office to as few personnel as possible.

2. Tighten building accessibility during work hours by establishing a front desk check in system and visitor management program. Limit access to more vulnerable floors or rooms.

3. Keep unoccupied offices or storage areas locked at all times.

4. Organize an office watch program as security breaches potentially affect everyone in the office.

5. Consider having employees wear their company photo identification cards or photo access cards in an effort to reveal visitors.

6. Attempt to funnel all deliveries to one designated location where they can be either retrieved or distributed in a controlled manner.

7. More specifically, keep inventory lists of all corporate office equipment including make, model and serial numbers in at least two separate locations – preferably one off-site.

8. Ensure that all valuable office equipment is marked or labeled. This can be done with engraving pens or permanent asset tags.

9. Secure all valuable office equipment directly with a cost effective combination of laptop lockscomputer security cables, server enclosures, and computer lockers.

10. When initially budgeting for more expensive office security including alarm systems, video surveillance, guard service, access card systems, etc., consider hiring an independent security consultant with specialized expertise to help maximize investments.