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LIBERTY iPad Power Dock with SmartKey

LIBERTY iPad Power Dock with SmartKey

The Tryten Liberty iPad Power Dock is a high security, fixed tablet solution that can be used in any environment. The Liberty is the ideal product for applications that require tablets to be removed infrequently.

Tilting, floor standing, wall-mounted and other variations available with MOQ. Contact sales team

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Charging Docking Station

When docked, the Liberty iPad Kiosk automatically locks and begins charging instantly so that the iPad remains powered for use. Without detaching, the iPad can be easily rotated up to 360-degrees.

Secure iPad Stand

The Liberty was designed to be attractive and adaptive to any environment. Both the base and the iPad enclosure are contoured to ensure there are no pinch points or sharp edges. Hand and shoulder straps are accessories available to improve ease of use on the go.

Mobile Tablet Usability

Using Tryten’s advanced infrared SmartKey technology the iPad can easily be undocked from the base, providing the user with the freedom to use the iPad remotely making it an ideal solution for hospitals, dental offices, and retail sales.

Anti-Theft iPad Protection

The Liberty iPad Power Dock is equipped with an electronic lock mechanism that provides over three hundred pounds of pull force and Infrared keys are programmed from a bank of sixteen million possible codes. These features combined provide an unprecedented level of security.

Security & Convenience

Tamper-resistant and durable enough for high traffic environments, the Liberty is distinct in it’s ability to offer security and ease of maintenance in any commercial setting.

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