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Orbit 12.9 iPad Stand

Orbit 12.9 iPad Stand

Tryten’s iPad stands are the first choice iPad holders for industry leaders on the market. Designed for the iPad Pro 12.9, the Orbit 12.9 iPad stand is ideal for POS systems, interactive media presentations, trade show kiosks, self service kiosks -- any workflows where you’ll unlock the potential of the latest iPad model. Form and function take center stage in the Orbit 12.0 iPad stand.

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Secure and Seamless Locking

Designed with security in mind, the Orbit 12.9 comes standard with a keyed secure enclosure and a simple push-pin lock to keep your iPad Pro 12.9 securely accessible. It also comes with a metal iPad faceplate, which gives a streamlined look to the entire unit.

Flexibility at its Best

This iPad locking mount tilts, rotates, flips and swivels. Most importantly, it stays secure. The iPad Flip Stand provides you with several useful options. The simple hinge design behind the iPad enclosure provides 360-degree rotation for landscape or portrait modes and enables the flip function so that the iPad can be displayed in a wide range of angles. The combined form and function make the iPad Flip Stand an excellent choice for retail environments, educational institutions, and clinical environments.

Wall Mount iPad Functionality

The Orbit 12.9 stand comes with a mountable base for surface or wall mounting. It can also be a free-standing unit depending on the needs of your enterprise. Take it “on the go” for those sales conversations on the road, or mount it anywhere you require secure, flexible iPad Pro usage.

Easy Accessibility to What Matters

Stay secure without losing camera access! Tryten’s design in the Orbit 12.9 means users can always have unhindered access to your iPad’s front camera, headphone, audio ports and power button are also always accessible. There is so much flexibility, yet your iPad Pro remains secure and safe any place you choose to use it.

Beautiful, Sleek Design

All Tryten products are designed to fit into your space seamlessly. With concealed cable management and a modern, all-white finished look, you can be proud to add the Orbit 12.9 to any modern workspace, office, front lobby, or trade show floor.