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iPad Kiosk

iPad Kiosk

The best iPad holder on the market, Tryten’s iPad tablet kiosk stands above every competitor in form and function. Designed to be installed as a wall mount iPad stand or desktop tablet mount. Seamlessly configure this secure iPad kiosk enclosure in any retail, business, or healthcare environment.

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Tryten iPad Wall Mounting Kiosk

Wall Mount iPad Kiosk

Easily configured as a secure iPad wall mount or desk mount, this versatile enclosure stand completely encompasses the iPad body, preventing tampering with control functions and use of the rear camera. For an alternative, simple, flat surface mount, see our Secure iPad Wall Mount.

Check In Kiosk

Tryten's mount for iPad is an ideal iPad checkin kiosk stand for venues and events. Unlike other iPad stands and cases, our Apple iPad Kiosk’s design is simple and sophisticated, enhancing your environment through aesthetics and functionality.

Tryten iPad Holder

iPad Mounting Bracket

Designed to be installed on any flat surface, our secure iPad mount has been seamlessly fastened and locked to walls, ceilings, pillars, and retail display stands. Our custom accessories such as keyboard trays, base plates, and cable locks provide numerous options for any space.

Stay Charged

Charging devices and cables can clutter your display and distract from your presentation. Our iPad Kiosk mount’s cable management system allows the tablet to remain powered and attached to the kiosk cabinet while concealed from the user’s eye.

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