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Healthcare Technology Products

Healthcare Technology Products

Tryten Medical provides a vast compilation of industry-leading products for the healthcare industry to enjoy the latest American health technologies, along with the medical systems of other countries across the globe.

Innovative Solutions

Through comprehensive customer research and application testing, we provide innovative solutions in mobile computing telemedicine solutions, Language Service Providers (LSP) presentation displays, clinical documentation and workflow improvements.

Tryten Brand

All of our products are subjected to thorough testing and quality compliance standards to ensure that every product delivers the excellence expected from the Tryten brand.

Leasing Options Available

NOVA PRO - Modular Medical Tablet Cart

Starting at $1,480.00

Formed for the future, Tryten’s Nova Pro combines limitless modularity with timeless simplicity. Designed and manufactured by Tryten, this point-of-care tablet cart secures an uninhibited connection for caregivers with their patients, the global medical community...

NOVA GO - Telehealth Tablet Cart

Starting at $1,280.00

Refined to the essentials, the Nova Go Telehealth Tablet Cart provides undefeated security for your iPads or other tablets at an unbeatable price. Nova Go is designed and manufactured by Tryten in collaboration with healthcare providers to deliver unhindered care...

NOVA GO VESA - Telehealth Tablet Cart

Starting at $1,080.00

Refined to the essentials, the Nova Go Vesa Telehealth Tablet Cart is a premium-grade cart that enables tablet-based care at an unbeatable price....

iPad Kiosk


The best iPad holder on the market, Tryten’s iPad tablet kiosk stands above every competitor in form and function. Designed to be installed on any flat surface, seamlessly configure this secure kiosk enclosure as a wall mount iPad stand or desktop tablet...

RUGGED iPad Safety Case


Specifically designed for iPad use in medical environments, Tryten's RUGGED iPad Safety Case for iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad Air 2 is composed of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and polycarbonate to provide the best protection.