Laptop Serialized Combination Lock - 25 Pack

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Laptop Serialized Combination Lock - 25 Pack

Quick Overview

This single-piece laptop cable lock bulk pack simply secures any device with a Kensington style security slot. It is ideal for clients that favor the convenience of keyless security or requiring a centralized administrative system of master locks with combination recovery by serial number.

SKU: 302169S

Bulk Pack Combination Cable Lock

When you purchase a 25 Pack, you are getting a full set of locks with a single registration code that will allow you to use our Key Code Registration Service and manage all of your locks for all of your staff easily. In addition, you receive a price discount when you buy a complete set.

Low Profile Lock Design

Our lock design features a low profile head that swivels and rotates, making it an ideal choice for thinner laptops. For added convenience, users have access to a new combination viewing window that makes lock setting effortless.

Managed Combination Security

Provide organizations with a reliable method for managing physical security while eliminating the risk of lost or forgotten combinations. These locks offer the same level of end-user and administrative control and flexibility as a traditional Master Keyed solution with the added convenience of a combination lock.

Serial Number Combination Recovery

Combination recovery and management is further streamlined with a secure online access to a master list of serial numbers and their corresponding combinations.

TAA Compliant

Tryten is devoted to upholding the highest security standards and is in full compliance with guidelines set up by the Trade Agreements Act (TAA).


Easy to Use Dial PadErgonomically sized body with large numbers and steady dial control make finding the proper combination a snap.
Single Piece AdvantageLock and cable are a single unit, making it easy to carry and use. No extra parts required. Fast, efficient, and convenient.
Steel Cable ConstructionThe Laptop Combination Lock is made of aircraft grade, galvanized and multi-stranded steel, which resists cutting with tools like bolt cutters.
Compact LockSecures even slim notebooks without "laptop wobble", and will not block ports.
Strong Metal HousingProtects the internal parts of the combination lock for uncompromising security.
Rotating and Pivoting Lock BodyWithstands prying and twisting.


* A minimum order of 25 units is required.

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Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase any product from Tryten you are entitled to a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


Weight 13.75 lbs
Cable Length 72”
Cable Material Multi-stranded galvanized steel cable, PVC coating
Cable Diameter 0.25"
Cable Strands 7 x 19
Break Strength 2000 lbs
Locking Head 19 mm × 26 mm × 42 mm
Locking Head Material Zinc alloy housing / Stainless Steel
Cable Color Dark Translucent


Easy 4 Step Locking Directions

Step 1:
Lasso the security cable to a stationary object, such as a Steel Desk Anchor, by passing the lock body through the looped end of the security cable.
Step 2:
Line up the numbers of the combination along the Alignment Arrows and slide back the Release Trigger.
Step 3:
Insert the lock into the equipment's security slot, then let go of the Release Trigger to fasten the lock in the security slot.
Step 4: Scramble the dials to secure the lock.

Locking Cable Instructions


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