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Laptop Lock with ClickSafe® Technology

Laptop Lock with ClickSafe® Technology

This Tryten Lock features the Patented ClickSafe® Technology, providing security to 99% of laptops with the Kensington Lock Slot.Using carbon-strengthened cable construction and master-access keys, this is a simple, durable, and reliable security solution like none other.

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The Clicksafe® lock combines a high grade cable with a tamper proof, disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security solution in the marketplace and is compatible with both laptops, desktop, and several PIN pad machines.


6x6 carbon strengthened steel cable provides greater cut resistance in a 10%-thinner design. Attaches to 99% of notebooks with the patented T-bar locking mechanism for superior strength. Nearly impenetrable cylinder style keyed locking mechanism. Master Keys and Custom keying options available for master, supervisor, and shared access. This lock is designed to get more employees using them by making it as easy as it can get.

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