Laptop Combination Lock

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Laptop Combination Lock

Quick Overview

A resettable combination security lock designed to protect your valuable laptop or notebook and data from theft or damage, this lock features steel combination dials, ultra low-profile locking head, strong metal housing, and 3-way rotating lock body making it easy to use and indestructible.

SKU: 302140S

Resettable Combination Lock

This redesigned, resettable, single-piece lock secures any device with a Kensington style security slot. Our new design features a low profile head that swivels and rotates, making it an ideal choice for thinner laptops. It is made of aircraft grade, galvanized and multi-stranded steel, which resists cutting with tools like bolt cutters.

Keyless Combination Security Lock

An ergonomically sized body with a steady dial control makes finding the proper combination as simple as a snap. The Laptop Combination Lock's Lock and cable are a single unit, making it easy to carry and use with no extra parts or keys required. This low profile lock secures even slim notebooks without "laptop wobble", and will not block ports. It is ideal for clients favoring the convenience of keyless security and require a centralized administrative system.

Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase any product from Tryten you are entitled to a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


Weight 0.70 lbs
Cable Length 72”
Cable Material Multi-stranded galvanized steel cable, PVC coating
Cable Diameter 0.25"
Cable Strands 7 x 19
Break Strength 2000 lbs
Locking Head 19 mm × 26 mm × 42 mm
Locking Head Material Zinc alloy housing / Stainless Steel
Cable Color Dark Translucent


Easy Locking Directions


Securing Your Notebook Computer or Other Device
1. Wrap the cable around an immovable object such as a desk leg or use a Tryten anchor and pull the lock through the loop.
2. Enter your personalized combination code (see below).
3. Line up the T-bar on the lock with the Kensington security slot on your computer or other device, press the button on the side of the locking head and insert the lock into the slot.
4. Scramble the combination wheels.
That’s it! Your notebook or device is now securely locked with the Laptop/Computer Lock.

Creating Your Personalized Combination Code
1. Your Combination Laptop/Computer Lock comes with a preset factory code of 0000. Before creating your personalized combination code, make sure the combination wheels are set to 0000.
2. At the same time, press the button on the side of the locking head and using a small flat-head screwdriver, press in the small round button at the end of the locking head and turn 90° clockwise
3. Set your desired combination so that the numbers show in the four small display windows
4. Using the small flat-head screw driver, turn the small button on the end of the locking head 90° counter-clockwise until it pops back to flush with the locking head
That's it! Now your lock has your own combination. You can change it again starting from your combination instead of 0000

Locking Cable Instructions


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