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Laptop Combination Lock

Laptop Combination Lock

A resettable combination security lock designed to protect your valuable laptop or notebook and data from theft or damage, this lock features steel combination dials, ultra low-profile locking head, strong metal housing, and 3-way rotating lock body making it easy to use and indestructible.

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Resettable Combination Lock

This redesigned, resettable, single-piece lock secures any device with a Kensington style security slot. Our new design features a low profile head that swivels and rotates, making it an ideal choice for thinner laptops. It is made of aircraft grade, galvanized and multi-stranded steel, which resists cutting with tools like bolt cutters.

Keyless Combination Security Lock

An ergonomically sized body with a steady dial control makes finding the proper combination as simple as a snap. The Laptop Combination Lock's Lock and cable are a single unit, making it easy to carry and use with no extra parts or keys required. This low profile lock secures even slim notebooks without "laptop wobble", and will not block ports. It is ideal for clients favoring the convenience of keyless security and require a centralized administrative system.

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