Chromebook Cable Lock

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Chromebook Cable Lock

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Industry-leading security at an economical price point. Our anti-pick, tamper resistant lock and single piece steel cable construction give unsurpassed security combined with a wide range of motion.

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The Tryten Chromebook Cable Lock is a cost effective cable system that protects against the theft of your Chromebook. This compact single-piece lock securely attaches into an adapter mount included in the kit. The highly durable lock adapter can be adhered to the device’s lid, creating a universal application.


Step 1:
Lasso the security cable to a stationary object, such as a Steel Loop Anchor, by passing the lock body through the looped end of the security cable.
Step 2: Adhere the Adapter Mount to your desired location on the back on the Chromebook using the commercial grade adhesive included in the kit. Wait 20 minutes for proper adhesion.
Step 3: Secure the locking head into the adapter mount and turn key to locking position.

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Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase any product from Tryten you are entitled to a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


Weight 0.62 lbs
Cable Length 72”
Cable Material Multi-stranded galvanized steel cable, PVC coating
Locking Head 19 mm × 26 mm × 42 mm
Locking Head Material Zinc alloy housing / Stainless Steel
Cable Color Dark Translucent

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