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Laptop Lock

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The Laptop Lock PRO is simply an outstanding laptop lock, providing industry leading laptop theft prevention while maintaining an economic price point. This single-piece laptop lock is easy to use, providing a universal fit for all devices outfitted with a standard security slot. This stylish and practical lock adapts nicely to the user environment and is compact enough to fit into a laptop case.


Anti-Pick Lock & Key Seven-pin tubular lock surpasses industry specifications for pick resistance.
Streamlined Metal Housing Maximum security with a solid, streamlined chrome lock body.
Rotating Lock Body Withstands prying and twisting.
Low Profile Locking Head Guarantees no "laptop wobble" on even the slimmest notebooks.
Single Piece Lock & Cable Lock and cable are a single unit, making it simple to transport and secure. No extra pieces required.
Steel Cable Construction The security cable itself consists of 0.25" aircraft grade, galvanized and multi-stranded steel cable.

Master Key sold separately or with 25 Pack

Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase any product from us you are entitled to its manufacturer's warranty against defective merchandise. All products manufactured by Tryten have a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
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Pro Lock Instructions

Step 1: Lasso the Laptop Lock Pro to a stationary object, such as a Tryten Steel Desk Anchor, by passing the lock body through the looped end of the security cable.
Step 2: Attach the lock to the security slot located on the side or back of the Laptop.
Step 3: Turn key to locking position.

Pro Lock Instructions


Cable Length 72” Cable Material Multi-stranded galvanized steel cable, PVC coating
Cable Diameter 0.25" Cable Strands 7 x 19
Break Strength 2000 lbs Locking Head 19 mm × 26 mm × 42 mm
Locking Head Material Zinc alloy housing / Stainless Steel Cable Color Dark Translucent
Cable Weight 4.6 oz

Keying Options

Keyed Differently

Example Use: Home, Student

An excellent option for individual end users and situations that don’t require administration or a key recovery system. One unique set of two keys is assigned to each lock.

Keyed Alike


All locks within a set are keyed the same, allowing any key to open all locks. Perfect for an environment such as a school or lab, or for any situation where the end user is not authorized to unlock equipment. The key is typically managed by an administrator.

Master Keyed

Example Use: Office with Mobile Work Force

Ideal when both centralized management and end user flexibility are required, each lock is keyed differently from the other and comes with its own unique set of two keys. A Master Key capable of unlocking any of the locks is used by a designated administrator. If a user loses a key, an administrator can unlock the equipment with the Master Key.

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